I’m really hoping we can get Foligno back soon.  

I drew Letestu yesterday for #FanFavFriday :D

It’s been a while guys! Sorry about that!

While I haven’t been posting much on Tumblr, doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing! Here’s a few drawings I’ve been posting to my Twitter which you should go follow if you want more hockey.  If you don’t want hockey… I suggest you 1, evaluate your life choices and 2, don’t follow me on twitter because that’s about 85% of what I post.  

Have a great day everyone!!

Look Cailey drew me!!


doodle of ashleystware as Link!! 

Once in a while, I act like a child, to feel like a kid again

Childhood VS. Adulthood project for Digital, based off of a song by LIGHTS.

I finally caved and got Namco High in support of aidosaur and a bunch of other artists that I really admire and I am addicted.

Taira babbyyyyy

I drew myself with my Beedrill because I love Beedrill okay

Some CBJ art I’ve been doing in my free time. :D

Thumbnails for an upcoming project